The Pacific Northwest Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society

How To Sign Up!

To be a member of the NRHS, one must:

The National Railway Historical Society is made up of a national organization as well as a large number of local chapters. "Associate members" are members only of the national organization. "Regular Members" are members of both a local chapter and the national organization.
There are other types and variations of this membership scheme as well.

How much does it cost to become a member of the Pacific Northwest Chapter, NRHS?

The cost depends on the type of membership, and the time of year, but the basic cost is: $70 - for Regular Membership, including membership in the Pacific Northwest Chapter, NRHS ($20) and Membership in the National Railway Historical Society national organization ($50). Additional family members $12 ($5 Chapter + $7 National). Students ages 16 & 17 membership is $36 ($20 Chapter + $16 National).

Expiration Date/Time of Year:

Another item about membership in the NRHS that some new members find a little confusing at first is the expiration date / time of year item on the membership dues for new members. Because of the complexity involved in mailing monthly membership dues notices, all memberships end at the end of the calendar year (December 31st). This means there is no question about when membership for a particular year is over, and when a new year started. It also means all membership renewal notices are mailed at the same time.

From September 1 to December 31, dues are full price for a full year, but membership is for the remainder of the current calendar year and also include membership in the next calendar year as well.

Other Types of Membership:

Associate Members are members only of the national organization, without membership in any local chapter.

Regular Members are members of both a chapter and the national organization. Membership dues in the National NRHS body are discounted by $1 when joining a chapter.

It is possible to be a member of more than one chapter. If adding a chapter to an already existing membership in the national organization, the form should be mailed to the chapter you are joining. The form includes information for those who are already members of other chapters. There is no additional $1 discount in national membership dues for each additional chapter joined - just a single discount for a single chapter membership.

Spouse membership: Adding one person to an already existing membership. The mailing address must be the same for both people. A membership form added to a member's membership should be mailed to either national or the local chapter, depending on if the spouse membership is for associate membership or also includes membership in a local chapter.